With StartUp, you can...


One Week to Design

SCAD StartUp is our annual, week-long design sprint hosted by FLUX - the UX club in collaboration with SCADpro

StartUp provides you the toolkit and resources needed to create a professional product or service concept in just under seven days. Connect and consult from current designers in the industry, and pitch your solution to professional industry leaders. This year, you can also make a difference and work with real life businesses!

It’s pretty much Shark Tank, just not on TV (yet). Who knows, your million dollar idea might just start here!


In 2020, StartUp Reached...

three hundred




three hundred


three hundred


top line

Are you READY for this year?


We're Doing Things Different This Year

StartUp 2021 will be held virtually and consist of two different tracks. Go the OG route and enter Startup with your own original business idea (Track 1), or collaborate with local businesses (Track 2). While keeping to StartUp tradition, Track 2 allows you to come up with creative business solutions and give back to the community by helping small, minority-owned(LGBT+, POC, Women-owened, etc.) businesses that have been negatively impacted by the global pandemic.


The core of StartUp

This is the core of StartUp. Students who choose this track will becoming up with their own, new innovative business ideas about their created product or service. Here, student designers have the most free reign to design a creative solution to the problem we present them with. This has, and will always be, StartUp’s core.

*Judging criteria will be different for each track

Giving Back To
Your Locals

Want to give back to the community but don't know how? StartUp is here to support you. During the global pandemic, small businesses have been hit the hardest. Join Track 2 and work hands-on with a minority-owned(LGBT+, POC, Women-owened, etc.) local small business in Savannah or Atlanta, and design creative solutions catered to their unique set of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Judging criteria will be different for each track